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The GTSA Story and Philosophy

GTSA (The Greater Toronto Skating Academy) is a proudly sanctioned by Skate Canada to offer figure skating programs in Canada. Skate Canada is the national governing body for figure skating in Canada, recognized by the International Skating Union and the Canadian Olympic Committee. Additionally, we are members of the Central Ontario section of Skate Canada as well as Skate Ontario, the provincial governing association.

We offer figure skating programs, classes, and instruction at all levels from beginner to international elite skaters. Our coaches are certified and trained experts focused on creating well-rounded, great athletes that can excel at anything they put their minds to!

At GTSA, our three major goals with each of our students are to help them to have fun, aid in their development physically, by learning sport and skating skills, improving physical conditioning, developing good health habits, and avoiding injuries; psychologically, by learning to control their emotions and developing feelings of self-worth; and socially, by learning cooperation in a competitive context and appropriate standards of behavior.

Proudly Sanctioned By:

Proudly Sanctioned by Skate Canada