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Should beginner skaters skate during the summer?

Many times our CanSkate, learn-to-skate clients ask us if they should maintain their skating lessons for their child during summer months. This is very beneficial, although many skating clubs or skating schools do not have time to offer CanSkate during the summer. Skating lessons simply are not as popular due to the weather and learning to skate is not a priority for most. This should not mean that skating lessons or CanSkate programming has to stop entirely.

At GTSA, some of the CanSkate, learn to skate clients take private skating lessons in the summer. We have coaches who can accommodate this based on their availability. Skating lessons can be taught on specific GTSA ice time. This allows for skaters to get the one on one time they need to improve over summer and get ahead for next season.

You must simply email or call the office, we can see the availability for a private coach to arrange the skating lesson. This ice skating lesson is booked directly to the skating coach. If you can form a group for the lesson to be more affordable, this is ok and encouraged.

It is difficult to book skating lesson groups in the summer months due to children’s schedules being different with summer camps .

If you are learning more advanced skills, staying in skating lessons over the summer can definitely help to increase comfort level and maintenance of skills.

If you would like a group class for skating lessons, and are more geared towards the structure and basic foundation of figure skating elements you should look at our Pre-Star group class. This group class is affordable and is offered in the summer months as a group learn to skate session.

Pre-Star differs from the Skate Canada CanSkate in that it is specialized specifically for figure skating and offers an off-ice component.

Email us today at if you would like to inquire about our  Skate Canada CanSkate program, private lessons, skating lessons, or Pre-star program.