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GTSA’s Pre-Star Program

GTSA’s Pre-Star Program

Have an interest in becoming a figure skater? Have you seen figure skating in the Olympics on TV and been curious to try? GTSA’s Pre-Star program is custom geared to children beginning to figure skate.

Skaters move through four different levels acquiring skills and checkmarks learning the fundamentals needed for more technically advanced skating skills.

Skaters eligible for this program should already know how to skate forwards, stop, and get back up after falling.

What to expect?

The program includes both on and off-ice components working on things such as:

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Attention to details
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Spatial Awareness

Skaters may choose to skate 1 or multiple days per week and can move through the program at their own pace as they develop the skills. Upon completion of the program, the skater will be ready enough to enter the first stage of competition, if they choose.

How to come prepared?

For on-ice classes:

  • It is expected that the skaters come to this program in proper fitting figure skates. (See below)
  • Skaters should be wearing a CSA approved helmet unless Badge 5 CanSkate level has been deemed obtained by a director.
  • Skaters should come in warm clothes suitable for an ice arena. As the skater advanced through the program and they find it warm due to increased activity, they may choose to wear yoga wear, figure skating attire, or pants with some stretch. Pants should not be baggy at the bottom or they will catch in the laces.
  • Gloves preferably not mittens so the fingers can be seen.
  • Laces should be tied up appropriately to avoid tripping or having the laces get struck on or near the blade. It is recommended that they be tucked in and not visible for safety reasons on the ice.
  • If not wearing a helmet (permission given by the directors), hair should be appropriately tied back and away of the face for safety.

 For off-ice classes:

  • Skaters should come in proper running shoes as they will be jumping and doing physical activity.
  • Skaters should have gym clothes that they can move in and be active.
  • Skipping rope
  • Hair should be tied up away from the face for safety reasons.
  • Water bottle, if needed.

Jeans and hoodies and loose scarves are not recommended for safety concerns.

Please ensure your skater is not chewing gum on the ice as this can be a chocking hazard.

If you have any needs in regards to equipment, please visit our friends at the Figure Skating Boutique for assistence.

You can find here a package for introductory figure skaters with all of the materials you will need to get started.

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