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Learn To Skate with GTSA’s CanSkate Program!



Colton Moness with Canadian Champion, Kaetlyn Osmond

The Best Curriculum. The Best Coaches. The Best Start. The Best Results.

We Are GTSA’s CanSkate – The Learn To Skate Program!

Learn to skate from the best – Skate Canada coaches! Our fully certified, nationally and internationally experienced coaches are passionate about providing a fun and safe experience where you will master the art of ice skating! Located right in the heart of the GTA at the state of the art Scotiabank Pond, GTSA will become your new home away from home!

Whether you want to learn to skate for fun, hone your skills for hockey, or become a competitive figure skater, we have a program perfect for you or your child!

Beat the Winter Blues: Winter Skating on now! Call today! Spring Skating Begins April 11th!

We have a learn to skate program to help you gain comfort or confidence to be on the ice this season. At GTSA, we operate all year with various winter, spring, summer, fall programs.

We offer skating lessons for whatever your need is on the ice. Find the program that is best for you or your skater!

In the CanSkate Programs, professional skating coaches will help you ease into the glide.

Session Levels Description
PRE-CANSKATE Learn-to-skate group designated for skaters 2-5 years old.
PRE-CANPOWER Introduction to power skating basics, group for skaters 3-6 years old.
CANPOWER Power Skating group focused on power, agility and hockey fundamentals, skaters aged 6-10.
CANSKATE Learn to Skate group lessons, following Skate Canada’s CanSkate format; skaters earn badges and ribbons as they advance through stages 1-6.
PARENT & TOT Parent/Guardian accompany skater (aged 2-4) in group format. The lesson is geared towards the child to ensure comfort and safety during the introduction to skating.  *Parent/Guardian must have competent skating ability in order to help their child throughout the program.

Programs & Registration Information

 GTSA Summer  2017 Learn To Skate Brochure

GTSA Fall & Winter 2017/2018 Learn To Skate Brochure

GTSA Spring 2018 Learn To Skate Brochure

*Please note: The inclusion of HST and Skate Canada fee is for learn to skate programming only and not for Open Ice, Pre-Star, or other sessions.

GTSA Fall & Winter 2017/2018 Coaching Staff


General Information About Skating

At GTSA we have people from all over the Greater Toronto Area skating with us. Members come from North York, Thornhill, Etobicoke, Forest Hill, Vaughn, and many others. This is due to our great Location at Downsview Park. If you wish to find out information about our programming, follow the links below.

General Information about CanSkate Learn To Skate Programs

General Information about CanPowerSkate Hockey Programs


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Please note all skaters participating in the learn to skate programs must have:

  • Proper fitting skates
  • CSA certified helmet (unless assessed by the coaches as badge 5 or higher)
  • Warm gloves
  • Snow pants or splash pants
  • Winter coat

Jeans and hoodies and loose scarves are not recommended.

Please ensure your skater is not chewing gum on the ice as this can be a chocking hazard.

If you have any needs in regards to equipment, please visit our friends at the Figure Skating Boutique for assistence.

You can find here a package for introductory figure skaters with all of the materials you will need to get started.